Gert Goossens


Accelerating the Development of 5G Communication SoCs by Means of Application-Specific Instruction-set Processors



Gert Goossens博士


Dr. Gert Goossens

General manager of ASIP Designer, Synopsys, Leuven, Belgium



  Gert Goossens是新思科技的高级研发经理和专家,目前领导新思的专用处理器自动综合工具系     统。Goossens博士曾是Target Compiler Technologies公司创办人和总裁,该公司创立专用处理器综   合方法,为全球顶级半导体公司提供专用处理器设计支撑。Goossens博士曾领导比利时IMEC高层综合   研究的梯队。


Dr. Gert Goossens is a Senior Director of Engineering at Synopsys, where he is currently leading the company’s tool development group for Application-Specific Instruction-set Processors (ASIPs). Previously, Dr. Goossens was a co-founder and the CEO of Target Compiler Technologies, the company that pioneered the concept of ASIP tools.  He led Target Compiler from its incubation, over its successful growth as a tool supplier to many of the world’s leading semiconductor and system companies, to its acquisition by Synopsys in 2014. Before co-founding Target Compiler, Dr. Goossens was a group leader at the Belgian nano-electronics research center IMEC, in charge of high-level synthesis.  Dr. Goossens holds MS and Ph.D. degrees from KU Leuven, Belgium.






The race to the deployment of 5G communication systems is open, including next-generation advanced handsets and converged fixed/mobile networks.  5G will introduce novel technologies like massive MIMO for basestations and picocells, beamforming for small cells and fixed wireless access, and software-over-the-air.  5G will have to provide high-bandwidth and short-latency communication, to support “smart everything” applications.


Early SoC deployment while 5G standards are still in flux imposes significant challenges at all levels of the communication stack, from physical layer up to layer-2 as well as in the digital front-end.  This calls for software-programmable solutions, that must at the same time offer performance and power consumption comparable to fixed hardware. Application-Specific Instruction-set Processors (ASIPs) can reconcile these different requirements, and are therefore increasingly common in advanced communication SoCs.  In this talk we will discuss the use of ASIPs for communication systems.  We will review methodologies to design and program ASIPs quickly and reliably.

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